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We are a world leader in high precision optical manufacturing, delivering custom optics to a wide range of innovators around the globe. Meeting these goals demands the right people. Teamwork, adaptability, and an enthusiastic approach to problem-solving are central to the Optimax culture. But what unites all our employees best is a hunger to continuously learn. We strive to find driven individuals who are committed to lifelong learning; who will continue to add value in their work throughout long and successful careers.



V. Russell Henry

Optimax Employee: M. Henry

V. Russell Henry was a member of the 34th Infantry Division. He was drafted after the attack on Pearl Harbor, went for basic training, and was sent to England in the fall of 1942. The 34th was soon stationed in Tunisia, North Africa, with British forces under the command of Montgomery, facing the German Afrika Corps. Henry was part of the 138th Rifle Company that occupied a hill to the south of the Kasserine Pass. In battle, the German tanks advanced through the pass. The Americans were defeated and on February 14, 1943, Henry’s unit was surrounded. He was processed as a POW on February 17th and later transported to Italy, and then to Eastern Germany/Poland to Stalag IIB where he was assigned to a prison farm. In early 1945, the prisoners were marched westward under harsh conditions in response to the rapidly advancing Russians. In May, the prisoners were released and safely rejoined their comrades. Henry was reunited with his young wife.

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