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We are a world leader in high precision optical manufacturing, delivering custom optics to a wide range of innovators around the globe. Meeting these goals demands the right people. Teamwork, adaptability, and an enthusiastic approach to problem-solving are central to the Optimax culture. But what unites all our employees best is a hunger to continuously learn. We strive to find driven individuals who are committed to lifelong learning; who will continue to add value in their work throughout long and successful careers.




Semiconductors are abundant in modern technology, having proliferated exponentially since the invention of the integrated circuit (IC). As per Moore’s law, they have been central to the rapid increase in transistor miniaturization and complexity, which has directly led to a host of key innovations from the cutting-edge of technology to the everyday.

As the demands placed upon semiconducting systems increase, with devices trending towards greater electronic density, enhanced thermoelectric performance, superior efficiency, and so on, so too do the demands of manufacturing. Each step in the semiconductor processing chain is already subject to stringent tolerances, from semiconductor growth through to CMP polishing of extracted substrates.

High-performance optics and expertise, are pivotal to meeting demands of semiconductor processing for an ever-growing market.

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Optimax is a world-class manufacturer of precision optics. Our capabilities incorporate a wide range of manufacturing technologies from which we can engineer solutions that best fit your requirements. Fabrication capabilities range from conventional machinery to highly deterministic CNC machining.

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At Optimax, we are manufacturing the future, creating the highest precision freeform optics underlying high-tech systems in key markets and applications. We offer rapid and expedited delivery upon request and are committed to our customers in the long term.

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Optimax develops optics solutions to suit a variety of needs. Our industry-leading custom optics are developed by expert engineers. Discover our expertise, solutions, and opportunities today.

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