Optimax is helping  create recognition for manufacturing technology through webinars. The following webinars examine the growing technologies and advancements in the optics industry:

Optical Society of America: Guidelines for Calculating Measurement Uncertainty of Interferometric Radius

Presented by Kate Medicus, Ph.D.,
Optical Metrologist, Optimax

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Photonics Spectra: Developments in Optics and Optical Components
Presented by:
Dr. Robert R. McLeod
Associate Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder

Patrice Genevet, Research Associate
Professor Federico Capasso's Group, Harvard University
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Photonics Spectra: Enabling Technology for Highly Aspheric or Free Form Optics Manufacturing
Presented by: Dr. Dae Wook Kim,
Assistant Research Professor,
College of Optical Science,
University of Arizona
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Laser Focus World: Optical Coating Design

Presented by: Dr. Angus MacLeod, President & CEO, Thin Film Center

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NASA Tech Briefs: Increased Spatial Resolution Lidars and 3D Robotic Vision

Presented by: Michael Krainak & Darryl Mitchell, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center