Why manufacturing in the United States is growing and helping our economy thrive


Why does Made in USA matter? Today, it is about creating jobs to support our growing economy.Manufacturing is one of the main industries fueling the comeback.

However, even today there are still many misconceptions about working in a modern day manufacturing facility. The “factories” of today are not the same that your grandfather worked in, making nuts and bolts and the same repetitive motion over and over. Now, it is centered on computer controlled machinery and metrology, which requires extensive training and knowledge.

According to an article in TIME magazine, “How Made in USA is Making a Comeback” for every $1 of manufacturing activity returns $1.48 to the economy. Manufacturing also represents 67% of private-sector R&D spending and 30% of the country's productivity growth.

Optimax takes great pride in the fact that the optics we produce are manufactured in the United States.

If you also work for a company that manufactures in the USA, we hope you will join the revolution and use the Made in USA logo proudly.